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I played Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox 360. Thought I’d get the recently released demo of Dragon Age 2 on PC though to see if it improves anything. I want Dragon Age 2 to be good, I really do. But from what I’ve seen, I’m not too hopeful.

What better way to examine the demo and the game than by hosting a disastrous, oversized and summarised screenshot Let’s Play of the demo? Let’s get into it.

You start by selecting the gender and class of the protagonist – for the purposes of this playthrough, I choose the good old fashioned male warrior. Because tanking is just my style.

The game opens on a dwarf named Varric being dragged through a hall by armoured men. They sit him down in a dark room. He is interrogated by a woman called Cassandra, who identifies herself as working for the Chantry – because Dragon Age is too fancy to say ‘church’.

Cassie there also has that weird almost-French accent that was associated with the almost-French country of Orlais in the Dragon Age lore.

Faux Frenchy demands to know about ‘the Champion’, claiming that Varric knew him. Varric starts to talk as it cuts to a barren wasteland. An armoured man with a beard – our protagonist Mr. Hawke and a mage later revealed to be his sister are fighting what appear to be the henchmen of Skeletor

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It’s 1913 and World War is approaching.

You are on a train travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

You’re trying to rescue a girl you’ve never met.

Your arm was just cut off by monsters controlled by a sinister man in a top hat.

You’re here because you’re following the instructions of the voice in your head.

This is Shadow Hearts.

Gasp! That's a real place! And a real time!

I have had a frankly obsessive fascination with this game. I heard a lot about and finally one summer with a lot of time to kill – I watched the entire game on YouTube. Since then, I found a much better place to enjoy the game, and did so a second time.

The reason I find Shadow Hearts so interesting is because it is set in our world at an interesting point in our history, with our historical figures and our locales.

Yet, it’s still a madcap JRPG filled with magic, monsters and a lot of the usual tropes and clich├ęs.

Summary – You need to read kethryveris’ Let’s Play Shadow Hearts: Because the Voice In My Head Told Me To

It’s a top quality Let’s Play. No ridiculous in-character prose, just funny and occasionally insightful commentary around well put together and clearly-presented screenshots and text. (it’d be perfect if there was a bit more consideration for referencing continuity – the reader might not remember that one guy from 50 updates ago) Extra credit to kethryveris because I robbed all these screenshots from that LP.

(If you’d like more reasons about why you should bother, or if you just want to look at some pretty pictures take a look below.)

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