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About me

I like to spout opinion as fact on subjects such as television, video games and movies. There’s a lot I like, but there’s more I hate.

It would be nice to be one of those bloggers who can be known for their real name and a nice big picture of their face, but I’m too comfortable with internet anonymity. So I go by my initials: LB. Some people might call it paranoia. To them I say: Who are you people and how did you find me?

Anyway, please take a look at anything that interests you on the blog. I’d also appreciate it if you left a comment, even if it’s just to tell me I’m a silly jerkfacehead.

About the name

The blog is called Grimly Enthusiastic because I find it to be a fascinatingly contradictory combination of words that raises a lot of questions if you think too much about it.

The name was not taken from a line in poem that now comes lower in Google if you search for Grimly Enthusiastic. So 18th century poet Robert Burns can suck it!

About some other miscellaneous stuff and things

If you hover your mouse over any images in the blog, there are super secret alt-text messages. (Basically just an extra caption)

Feel free to give a fake email address when leaving a comment. We can all understand a fear of spam.

About contact

I can be contacted at



  1. What is your wonderful first name then, Mr. Vagabond?

    • Well Felix, telling you that publicly here would defeat the point.

      …More importantly, what kind of idiot enables comments on the About page?!

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