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Televisions? Assault rifles? Corporations? Cars? Trains? Helicopters? Submarines? A space rocket?! Woah, Shinra is like something out of Star Trek!

Oh, wait. We have all those things. We’ve had all those things for quite a while. It’s almost as if FFVII isn’t really futuristic at all. It’s almost as if it was based on present day technology. If that!

I mean, seriously, they have one rocket that only gets into space once and that’s mid-game. They haven’t been to the moon and the rocket doesn’t even look as good as our rockets!

The only really futuristic thing in the game is the automatic slidey-open doors that are straight from Star Trek. But guess what? Metal Gear Solid 3 had those too. That was set in 1964. I don’t see you calling that cyberpunk.

There is admittedly the robots, but for the most part, they’re more League of Extraordinary Gentlemen than they are Robocop. I mean, if anything, the theme is closer to steampunk – look at the freaking cars. But I wouldn’t even label the game steampunk.

The Mako reactors aren’t even especially futuristic. Sure, the magical glowing fuel source is a little out of this world, but the way it’s used and created doesn’t look totally unfamiliar.

To be fair, the awful, retcon-filled Compilation hasn’t helped this misunderstanding. There are parts of Dirge of Cerberus (picture above) that could be confused with Star Wars. But there’s nothing like that in the original game. So, let’s all agree to stop calling Final Fantasy VII what it isn’t.

Other lessons learned from replaying a fourteen year old RPG:

  • It really can’t ever be remade on current-gen hardware. It is impossible. So please shut up about any remake.
  • It’s not nostalgia talking – modern JRPGs really do suck.
  • Aeris (Yes, with an ‘s’) is pushy and confident. She is not the soft, submissive and girly white mage stereotype people associate with the character. Tifa is closer to being that and she beats robots to death with her bare hands.
  • It is rather embarrassing to realise after fourteen years that you never noticed the difference in complexion between Barret and his ‘daughter’.


  1. Maybe if you actually pay attention in game you realize Marlene isn’t Barret’s daughter. >_>

  2. Not noticing the difference in complexion between Barrett and Marlene shouldn’t be embarassing to you, it proves that you are an urbane 21st century guy to whom race is not a distinction. You should be proud of yourself. 😀

    Oh yeah, and as to the rest, I think people just associate dull silvery metallic colours with the future, but you’re right. Even the Mako is a less dangerous version of nuclear materials.

  3. Why can’t it be remade, exactly? Blu-ray discs can hold quite a bit of data, and I don’t see the problem using multiple discs. That should make up for the length of the game + updated graphics.

    I’ve never thought of FF7 as cyberpunk, though. I always saw it as having more elements of steampunk. (FF6 had more, though.)

    • There’s all the dialogue that needs voice acting. There’s all the unique and varied locations that need totally seperate texture sets. (Especially when pre-rendered backgrounds are considered outdated) There’s the events and cutscenes that need to be motion captured and made because the repeated animations won’t cut it. There’s the many mini-games. There’s the sheer size.

      Blu-ray is not big enough. Compare those parts of FFVII to any modern JRPG with their padded dungeons, and you can tell. Seriously, it took Square-Enix FIVE YEARS to make Final Fantasy XIII and that’s just Corridors & Cutscenes: The Game.

      Then there’s the cost. The money they would make off an FFVII remake (and we know that’s a lot) genuinely would not make up the cost of developing all of that. I mean why else wouldn’t they have done it yet?

      Even if they did manage to get past all that (which they can’t) and had the game on multiple blu-rays…How do you suggest they handle the “disc 3” portion where you have all the locations and the world available at the same time?

      How would you even begin to remake the world map?

      • You’re all looking foolish now with FFVII not being remade. Hah!

  4. “They haven’t been to the moon and the rocket doesn’t even look as good as our rockets!”

    If you compare the Rocket from FFVII and the rocket that the Russians used to send Gagarin into space all those many years ago you will see remarkable similarities.

    If you forget for a moment Scorpion Guard, Air Buster and the endless other futuristic robot opponents, there is a distinct feel that much of the game exists around that era. The existance of mako instead of nuclear power explains much of the variation in common tech such as cars and trains which are similar but admittedly with clear differences. but honestly, who wants a 3 wheeled pickup? just look at junon’s cannon and compare that to the artillery of world war II.

    If anything i don’t see this game as futuristic. If anything It’s retro with some good old-fashioned game specific mythology (the ancients, Weapon, the Planet). Futuristic really only comes in with the upgrades for the airship.

    On the issue of a remake, I think it could easily be done. but it couldn’t be done faithfully and it’d suffer the fate of modern JRPG (although i think the phrase unfair, all RPG lately have been somewhat dissappointing), and we’d have extended dungeons, mt. nibel would have extra caves, there’d be easter eggs worked in for those of us that haven’t returned to the game because quite honestly, i never stopped playing. I don’t think a remake will happen. a reHASH possibly.

    oh I am a grammer nazi, so I would prefer “Aeris (Yes, with an ‘s’) WAS pushy and confident.” oh yes. she’s dead.

  5. Well Cyberpunk usually refers to works with alot of advanced tech and poor quality of life, and FF7 had that in Midgar especially in comparison to past FFs (though those games were a bit odd too. FF6 had a train and mechs)

    You’ve got cybernetic arms, and full blown robots and mechs (Prod Clod was massive!), giant cannons and of course a megacorporation in Shinra that shat on the common folk. Alot of abuse of nature too with Mako and Jenova bio engineering.

    BUt like you said the tech overall wasn’t that advanced (until the sequels) and other games in the series REALLY push the scifi like 8 and 13.

  6. You have not a clue what your talking about, I dont disagree with everything you said, but you obviously never played the game extensivly or you would realize that half the ignorant nonsense your spewing is all just your perspective on things.

    Its rather embarrasing that after 14 years, you still never figured out that Marlene isnt Barrett’s biological daughter.

  7. Cybernetic limb prosthetics, genetically engineered supersoldiers, and oppression by a high-tech oriented megacorporation aren’t themes that are borrowed from Cyberpunk? What?

  8. You’re not cybperpunk

  9. “please shut up about your remake”

    Wonder how you feel now that Square literally made you eat your own words. 😂😂

  10. Final Fantasy VII is emmm Fantasy, with CYBERPUNK ELEMENTS you idiot

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