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Illness on my part means it’s just a plug this week. (Complete with an update once again accidentally going up and confusing any subscribers!)

Hardcore Gaming 101

The site essentially does retrospectives of older games and series’. It’s pretty interesting to learn about some of the more obscure and older games, and there’s a good chunk of nostalgia in there too.

It’s great for discovering little nuggets of information about old adventure games, what games could get away with back then or a lot of those cult series’ you’ve probably heard of, but never played.

For example, it’s pretty interesting to see that Dragon Quest did, in 1992, what Peter Molyneux has been trying to do for the past six years.

It also features an edited version of the Rise and Fall of Final Fantasy.

They’ve compiled a hefty library of games that I still haven’t finished looking through, even writing an article on good ol’ Jeremy Blaustein, the noted translator of Shadow Hearts and the original Metal Gear Solid.

So go and read!

Oh, god. What kind of searches will find ‘hardcore plug‘?!


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