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Get it? ‘For the record’? ’cause that’s the thing from Modern Warfare 2?

Anyway, I wanted to throw up an extra post this week to clear up some matters pertaining to last week’s post. It exploded in popularity and I thought it was worth explaining my thoughts on the game and its predecessor.

I’m in no rush to defend myself from angry multiplayer obsessives that believe in “Infinity Ward fanboys” (That’s a thing now? Really?) or think that complaints about the game are code for craving grenade launchers…That are still in the game.

But for the sake of anyone with reasonable questions or any regulars who actually give a crap about Call of Duty, here’s the lowdown:


The core gameplay of the singleplayer in Black Ops is average. Maybe even less considering your bullets don’t always hit enemies you’re aiming at. Either way, it reeks of 7/10.

All you do in the game is shoot respawning enemies.  Sometimes you do it from vehicles. That’s basically all the gameplay.

Whereas, In Modern Warfare 2, let’s look at the mission Cliffhanger. It starts off with the ice-climbing, the stealthy double take-downs, sneaking through the base through a blizzard, getting the intel, then and only then basic shooting enemies and it finishes with a ridiculous but awesome snowmobile chase.
There’s a lot more variance. It’s all interactive.

Now, in Modern Warfare 2, the story does go into some action-movie nonsense, as mentioned last week. But the ride is still enjoyable.

It is presented much better than Black Ops and the content is better too. The twist, the final confrontation, all of it is more satisfying than in Black Ops.
I also maintain that the writing is good, even if Price does turn overly-poetic.

The biggest flaw of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign was the ridiculously and pointlessly difficult final part of the mission ‘Loose Ends’. An even more egregious design flaw, when it was followed by a massive sucker punch from the storyline.


A lot of people expected more talk about the multiplayer in Black Ops. I’m more of a ‘story’ guy with games, so I cared less about the repetitive addictive timesink side of the game.

The core of multiplayer in Black Ops is above average – it’s more of the same rough Call of Duty style. But weapon selection, the CoDPoints, killstreaks, framerate and general minutia – it’s worse than the previous game in the series.

It fails to improve on anything, even if it does try to balance certain features better. But the fact is that being worse than the previous game means it has no reason to exist.

As for Modern Warfare 2…Yes, the knife-teleporting is horribly broken and there’s a number of other exploits, but the multiplayer is still one of the best around. For Team Deathmatches anyway – the design is admittedly poor for a lot of other modes.

Oh and Spec Ops > Zombies and you know it.


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  1. Haha, hopefully this puts to rest all the angry commenters of last weeks ;D

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