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1. The surprising amount of low-resolution textures and jagged edges, whenever you slow down and look at the details.

2. It features the best fire effects you ever saw on the previous generation of consoles.

3. Frame rate – remember how impressed you were at the smoothness of the previous games? Despite running on the same engine, Black Ops seemingly boasts half as many frames per second as the Modern Warfare series!

4. The disjointed missions and uninteresting in medias res structure of the story.

5. Briefings are now packed with so much flashing imagery and noise, it’s surprising there’s been no seizure lawsuits.

6. Will the heroes save the world from the Russian sleeper cells with the deadly nerve gas known as Nova 6? Spoiler: The answer is in every clichéd film and episode of 24 that has done this bioweapon plot before.

7. Modern Warfare 2 had lines like “But the sands and rocks here, stained with thousands of years of warfare…They will remember us.” Black Ops has lines like “THE FUCKING NUMBERS!”

8. The plot twist stolen from a film that veers the game into some kind of science fiction or magic territory. It makes the action movie nonsense of Modern Warfare 2 look sensible.

9. Said twist is so heavily foreshadowed that most players guessed it before the game tells you it twice, then shows it, and then makes you play for another ten minutes before the actual flashback-filled reveal.

10. There is genuinely a guitar riff as a character puts on his sunglasses. In a dark room. Without a hint of irony.

11. It lacks the variety and set-pieces, the highs and lows of Modern Warfare 2. It’s just meaninglessly shooting hundreds of people while explosions go off. It’s everything people that haven’t played video games think they are.

12. Lack of emotional resonance due to poor cinematic presentation. When important characters die or events occur, it makes no effort to provokes any feelings.
Especially compared to say – the death scenes in the Modern Warfare series.

13. You play it less. There’s one entire mission where the only control you have is to move your head in a 90 degree arc. Complete with random changes to jarring third person camera angles.

14. So many scripted melee kills that they become both flavourless and meaningless.

15. As a step backwards in the series, enemies will keep respawning unless you push forward. Naturally this leads you to rush forward, which can get you killed. Especially when you can easily get ahead of where the game wants you to be.

16. Relating to that problem, Treyarch have hilariously placed a lot of checkpoints before unskippable scripted events and animations, so you can watch the melee kill and body-hiding before the broken stealth section – again and again!

17. The bad checkpoints are made worse when you fail due to the game not effectively communicating what it wants you to do.
How many people knew to grab that magically appearing rocket launcher to shoot down the missile?

18. Occasionally broken hit detection. You can enjoy shooting at that guy across the room with your crosshair perfectly positioned on the middle of his head and watch the total lack of reaction to your seemingly non-existent bullets.

19. Technical stupidity – Getting shot in the face by an enemy that a friendly AI ran right past or is standing right next to. Or getting stuck on a wall in prone or ‘Second Chance’.

20. The subtitles. They don’t show up at the start of missions and there’s a startling number of typos. That’s not very considerate to any deaf gamers.

21. Inconsiderate to gamers with hearing – the game (that is set in the 1960s!) will assault your ears midway through the credits with a song by Eminem and Pink.

22. Having to buy Perks and weapons and attachments with CoDPoints is a great way of discouraging experimentation.

23. Two small, fast-moving, almost-impossible-to-hit Killstreaks that can kill you in one hit? Oh, yeah. That’s much more balanced than the varied and interesting Killstreaks of Modern Warfare 2.

24. In terms of polish in both singleplayer and multiplayer, Black Ops comes off like the gameplay equivalent of fanfiction. Play the Cliffhanger mission or a Team Deathmatch in Modern Warfare 2 and then try going back to Black Ops.
The gap between Treyarch and Infinity Ward is still a canyon.


  • The recommended retail price is £54.99 in Britain.
  • In one day, Black Ops sold three times what Mass Effect 2 did in a week. That’s a sign humanity should let the Reapers win.
  • At the time of writing, it has an 89 average on Metacritic. If it didn’t have Call of Duty in the name, it would probably be averaging at least ten points less. It’s Final Fantasy all over again and that just might be the worst thing of all.


  1. 25 good reasons not buy this game. Sounds pretty awful to me.
    And that stat about ME2 is incredibly disappointing. People really aren’t worth saving.

  2. Great post, will now visit site on a regular basis 😀

  3. i wish that there was also more comments on the overall poor excuse for multiplayer, its out right disgusting on how badly its been made,
    LMG weapons shoot slow with an insane amount of recoil regardless of range,
    snipers are insanely hard to hit even a slow moving target,
    most the sub machine guns are as they should be, close to medium range weapons that actualy recoil, the other SMGs are OP to the rate that they litraly dont recoil,
    machine guns now are just easily the best weapon choice now, mainly yhe AK-47 which is ironicly ment to be a peice of crap cheap ass weapon in the real world, now somehow the best weapon on black ops, if a sniper has a target on you, as hard as it is, if he shoots and misses, the MG will easily kill the sniper regardless of distance, just pop a few single fire bullets there and you’ve one, dont see the point in snipers, or any other guns now, and of course the lag is still there with an insane amount of campers and very bad kill streaks.

    • Are you dumb? The ak47 is one of the highest quality assault rifles in the real world….

        • vaugin
        • Posted January 25, 2011 at 4:18 AM
        • Permalink

        Then why is it so common in the middle east? because it’s cheap and easy to make? and jams like crazy also.

        • kalashnikov
        • Posted November 7, 2011 at 9:53 PM
        • Permalink

        vaugin, you’re a moron. Well… half a moron. You’re right about one thing: the AK-47 is incredibly cheap and easy to produce. The AK-47 is also the most efficient assault rifle EVER fielded and jams less in ten years of continuous use than any fielded American military assault rifle ever made does in just one. The AK-47 is cheaper and easier to produce than every variant of the M16 or M4 Carbine and is far more reliable with a simple long-stroke gas-operated piston system that almost never jams in even the worst environments (compared to the original M16’s DI gas system which was complex and poorly designed and required constant cleaning and maintenance in order to prevent common and catastrophic jamming at the shooting range back home in Mississippi), more powerful with a 7.62x39mm round, and so easy to use that children in Africa pick them up and start shooting people without ever being taught how. The AK-47 and it’s identical copies are and have been the most widely used and popular assault rifles in the world for more than 60 years. Why? Because it’s a very good weapon. Next time, stop yourself before making statements that are blatantly wrong and ask yourself this question: am I too stupid to post a legitimate and correct counterargument? Then answer yourself with this: Yes.

  4. Most of the things here are related to singleplayer.

    I agree with most of the points, but I find multiplayer much better than MW2.

    – No quick-scoping (I hated being owned ACROSS THE FRIKIN MAP without me even being able to fight back)

    – Much less n00bt00berz. I’ve only seen 6 in all of my 25 hours of playing, but maybe it’s just luck.

    – Less campers. Since the snipers have been toned down to the point of being less OP, less people use them = less campers.

    But there is still a lot to be fixed.

    – IT TAKES FOREVER TO CONNECT TO A GAME! My Internet Connection is perfectly fine, but I get kicked from games for no reason, disconnected from host ALL THE TIME, kicked from lobbies, etc. etc.
    The amount of time it takes me to find a good game is RIDICULOUS!

  5. sorry you can’t noob tube anymore bro

  6. Anyone who thinks that MW2 was more “sensible” with its plot(s), or thinks that MW2’s multiplayer was better in any single way has invalidated their opinions permanently in my eyes.

  7. U mad. lol.

  8. Condensed your “argument” into 2 points:
    – Graphics are the only thing that matter to you
    – I suck at COD:BO without DC noob tube

  9. and yeah this list if fucking retarded

  10. 15. As a step backwards in the series, enemies will keep respawning unless you push forward. Naturally this leads you to rush forward, which can get you killed. Especially when you can easily get ahead of where the game wants you to be.

    Have allways been in all call of dutys in some places.

    And the MP is way better in B O then MW2. B O is more like MW1 were you can be allowed to play your way. Not like MW2 were all was just rush.

    Tho one point you forgot is the stupid spawnpoints in Team Death match were you allways spawn whit a enemie on your back.

  11. ——————-

    1. Textures seem to sharpen when I slow down and look at them. Looks pretty decent on my 1080p.

    2. Fire does look iffy. I wouldn’t say it’s a lot worse than WaW or MW2, though. Def not better.

    3. I wasn’t entirely impressed with WaW’s framerate, especially online. WaW zombies looks eye-meltingly gorgeous on a beast PC setup. MW2 looked like crap IMO.

    4. What is wrong with ‘in medias res’ and starting at the end and doing flashbacks? One could just as easily argue it’s clever. It fits the tone of this storyline. “Remembering” is a big theme. No point in bashing it for being unoriginal, either. What is nowadays?

    5. Agreed. There were times when I felt as though the imagery was too chaotic and photosensitive.

    6. You might as well hate on every COD for this reason. MW1/MW2 both felt like largely lionized movie-esque plots that were drenched in action/drama cliches. This is why it’s called escapism. It’s fantasy. They might as well go all out. I liken the COD franchise of today to Grand Theft Auto. It’s a way for people to play out well known movies.

    7. If you focus on the best line of one game and the worst of another, yeah, it seems like a shameful comparison. Trust me, there were just as many macho-idiot quotes from MW1/WaW/MWW2.

    8. Really? This almost borders on a fanboy insult. At first I thought you just disliked B/O and liked all the previous titles. But you keep aggrandizing MW2 in your examples as this goes on. Anyway, read my last few points.

    9. I’ll admit it was kinda obvious. But it wasn’t obvious too early on. Then again, when a twist is obvious before it happens at all, it’s a bit of a fail.

    10. More intentional cliche fluff. Great? No. Intentional? Yes. If they didn’t realize they were doing it and thought it was bad-ass, ok, that’s lame. But you know it was meant to give off the exact level of corn that it did.

    11. 12. 13. Huh? What highs and lows did MW2 have? Oh, yeah, shooting a ton of innocent people in a grotesque airport scene. Shit like that? All in all, most all of the COD games are the same. You run from point A to point B and survive. Welcome to the first person shooters of today. Most of these things felt prevalent to me in MW2.

    14. Was it really that bad? No. It didn’t bother me at all. Everyone must have a different tolerance level for this.

    15. This isn’t new. It was a problem in WaW as well. It’s VERY annoying. But it’s also a little too easy to know how many people are in every area and then have the ability to dance around after you’ve killed them all. I find both to be unrealistic and flawed.

    16. 17. Neither a problem for me. I knew to grab it. I don’t recall the action intended to be at all inconspicuous. These just seem like nitpicking based on your preferences.

    18. I experience this in all COD games. It will admit, though, it threw me through a loop a few times in B/O.

    19. Once again, I recall this crap from all COD games.

    20. I wasn’t even paying attention. I can’t really comment on this one effectively.

    21. Not a fault. Just a personal preference. I don’t like either of them, and even I won’t list this as a legitimate flaw.

    22. I fully agree. I dislike this concept almost entirely.

    23. Killstreaks are what they are. I suppose you think the dogs in WaW were total bull? I enjoyed them, even in Hardcore when they’d kill me over and over with one bite. I’ve found many of the Killstreak rewards in B/O are not easy, guaranteed kills. The sentinel missile is pretty deadly, yes, and the dogs. But the B52, helicopter, napalm, and even the RC car are pretty quirky. I hardly ever get kills with them. All in all, you cannot argue balance issues and saw MW2 in the same sentence. MW2 was one big Cheapskate’s paradise. Commando lunges that practically went over 200 kilometers making you invincible and able to float, quickscopping, infinite ammo glitches, insanely overpowered guns, an so on. People who aren’t fanboys could complain about MW2 all day.

    24. More MW2 bias. Seriously? Speaking of being imbalanced…

    25. You hate the game, it performed well, so you think that’s a commentary on how sad humanity is? But MW2 can sell millions and you no doubt think that spells hope for mankind. I held out a lot of hope for this list. I initially figured you weren’t biased. I even agree with a lot of your complaints. But, in the end, you’re obviously an Infinity Ward fanboy (or close enough).

    26. If you were really a “geek,” as your blog tags suggest, you’d have coded a site yourself on your own domain. Heck, even self-installed WordPress software. Noobish, man. (See, don’t you just love dumb complaints?)


    • Just wanted to respond to a few of your points:

      4. The problem was that it was used badly and added nothing to the actual story. The missions were very disjointed.

      8. Accusing Modern Warfare 2 of ‘action movie nonsense’ is aggrandizing it?

      11. 12. 13. Play the Cliffhanger mission again. You only spend about one fifth of it just running and shooting.

      25. Actually, I thought it was awful that Modern Warfare 2 sold as well as it did.

      26. This blog is a hobby. I’m not in a hurry to throw away money on a domain name and hosting.

      Thanks for reading!

  12. who-ever made this list is a retard.

  13. 1. That’s only 24 reasons #25 is actually a summary of what has happened to black ops since it’s release(and it’s price? Aren’t almost all games near 60 dollars new?)

    2. The story in black ops and least flows consistently even if it came off as cliché to others.

    3. You seriously expect people to take you serious when you write that a reason that black ops sucks is that there is a scene that you didn’t like….

    This list is a prime example why gaming magazines are the one’s that people take seriously using your list we can find faults with just about any game

  14. If you like Black Ops so much then go read a list that says 25 reasons it kicks a**. Personally I agree with your list. My biggest gripe is it just doesn’t play nearly as smooth as Modern Warfare 2. This game is now loaded with campers, noobtube still exists, and theres about two to three guns that are actually useful. Another one to add to your list shotguns as primaries really? Add to that we are tied to servers with people that discourage cussing and teabagging which sometimes is a necessity in FPS. I’m going out on a limb here but the reason he compares it to MW2 is because it’s the most recent in the series and it is the standard as far as multiplayer. SIMPLE FACT THIS GAME WAS BILLED AS THE NEXT BIG THING AND IT STUNK IT UP. It’s not better than MW2 not even close. I would much rather play a smooth game with cheaters and campers than play Black Ops.

  15. Was anyone else disappointed that there was no RCXD section in the campaign?
    And what was up with that spy plane mission? You spend more time getting in the plane than actually directing people.

    I did like the Prison Break and Russian Rocket levels.

  16. Brilliant and straight forward. If you’ve got any technical analysis of why the multiplayer sucks, I’ll be sure to read it.

  17. yea but idk abot story lines. best game play for sure

  18. The only good part to me is Zombies

  19. lol the only real reason you people actually enjoy black ops is because its for children and you can actually get some kills on it. mw2 takes way more skill to play. why dont you actually make some sense when arguing about how you think that crap of a game is better than mw2 xD. whoever made this video of “why infinity ward sucks” Has to have ALOT of time on there hands because they had to watch every detail about mw2 cut scenes and dialog. get a life and stop complaining you idiot xD

  20. i mean its a fine game in general, it doesnt step to the plate of mw2 AT ALL. THE MULTIPLAYER IS AWFUL in my standards. zombies is awesome though for sure

  21. I think this is the stupidest shit ever. If you don’t like the game don’t fucking buy it just leave it be.

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