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Day 1

Recovering from my injury, I went out hunting with the pornstarishly named Sunny Smiles. Suddenly she started jogging into the side of her dog. Just on the spot. Either she was simple, or there was something a little off about the people in this wasteland…

Day 2

People I have encountered have been talking to me as if we were already deep in conversation. I’d swear I was blacking out on parts of the conversation, but I’ve seen that text below their faces appear and disappear super fast, almost as if they were skipping entire sentences.

Maybe this explains why the town and the military had nothing to say to me when I single-handedly freed that town from dangerous escaped convicts.

Day 4

My instinctual grunts and screams when being hit/cut/shot/stung/bitten have changed octaves. It’s almost like my vocal chords have been swapped for those of a female!

Update: Male again. Then female again. Wait…Male again. And sometimes my gunshots are silent? If they even shoot at all…What is going on in the Mojave?

Day 8

Several people have been treating me like a woman, even when my manvoice is working. I’m pretty sure I’ve been called a ‘she’ by passers by. And one doctor has taken to calling me his ‘little buttercup’ or something.

I am afraid.

Day 10

Today I had a full conversation with a man sitting in mid-air. The weirdest part was that there was a chair right next to him. He must have a high Strength stat for such a  powerful squat.

Day 14

Everything froze. Only ambient sounds could be heard. I soon found myself several moments in the past. It took approximately the amount of time it would take to restart a console. Oh, and this was the eighth time this has happened.

Day 20

A super mutant fired a gatling gun at me and I found myself in an inescapable vortex of rotating grey arcs, getting brief glimpses and flashes of the ground and my attacker. I was not freed from this inter dimensional prison until Felicia Day crushed the super mutant with a sledgehammer.

I tried to pick up this super-weapon, but it was just a normal minigun in my hands…Why am I the only one in the Vegas region who notices these things?!

Day 187

So, to get information about people that passed through a town and tried to kill me from ONE man (who will not be convinced by speech skills) I had to:

  • Fight through a boring three level dungeon filled with feral ghouls to get to the top floor of the building with peaceful ghouls who tell me to:
  • Go into the basement and take care of the INVISIBLE Super Mutants down there. The leader of the invisible Super Mutants tells me to take care of:
  • The ghoul surviving in part of the basement unintentionally guarding something the Super Mutants want. But he won’t let me through unless I:
  • Check on his friend who was captured by the Super Mutants. After all this was done with (some with violence), I:
  • Went back up to the top floor to tell the peaceful ghouls that everything was sorted. They said to:
  • Meet them downstairs and then sent me on a fetch quest across the wasteland to go and buy something for them for 500 caps. I brought that back and then they:
  • Sent me elsewhere to get another thing for them. I brought that back and they told me to:
  • Go upstairs and find a specific door in the labyrinthine building. I went out and:
  • Watched a cutscene. Then I trekked back to the town and FINALLY:
  • Was told the name and a location that was all I wanted when I spoke to the guy in the first place.

Okay, this has to be the worst bug or glitch or anomaly in this entire desert.



  1. I like it. Pretty much covers the basics of what to expect on an average playthrough.

  2. LOL, no, really LOL in here…

    I have the same things…i killed the doctor and the people who treat me like a female..

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