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Hey, you know what old game is in dire need of a modern update?

Jesus: Kyōfu no Bio Monster

This is not in-game footage. (It would be post-game footage.)

(lit. “Jesus: Dreadful Bio-Monster”)

It was first released on the PC-88 as simply Jesus, and was later ported to the Nintendo Family Computer and MSX2 with the subtitle “Kyōfu no Bio Monster” appended. A sequel was released on the PC-98.

The game’s name refers to a space station called J.E.S.U.S., named after the Christian messiah Jesus. The ship is shaped like a double-edged sword a la Book of Revelations. Its inhabitants go on to fight a mysterious demonic alien from Halley’s Comet.

Source: Wikipedia. (Corroborated by other sites! I can’t stress its actual existence enough!)

Apparently this did in fact really genuinely seriously happen. You can only conclude that a modern update of Jesus: The Japanese Science Fiction Adventure Game would be hilarious. Think of the amount of copies it would sell entirely due to Fox News style hysteria!

DmC: The Devil May Cry Reboot

The full trailer features much more GRITTINESS!

Omigod! It looks SO AWESOME! Here’s a list of bullet point reasons why!

  • Because we all wanted to play as the guy from Twilight!
  • Chain-like weapons?! Since God of War there has just not been enough of them.
  • A ruined modern city?! Simply inspired! We’ve never seen that before ever in any game ever! (Especially not the beginning of Devil May Cry 3!)

This is almost as brilliant as idea of the creators of Resident Evil and No More Heroes teaming up to make a game that looks as exciting and colourful as a cross between Dark Sector and Clive Barker’s Jenericho.

(It’s as if the Let’s Ruin guy is everywhere these days!)


[Yeah, I’m totally sneaking this write up in here. I drafted it ages ago and was never happy with the idea of publishing it on its own as it’s a bit dry. But if you care…]

The many faces of Vash the Stampede.

The first half or two thirds of Trigun are basically enjoyable. It’s not gripping or excellent quality, but most the episodes are well made and fun enough.
But throughout the whole show felt like it would be much more enjoyed by children. Yes, there’s blood and swearing – but kids like that. The humour, the animation, even the story feels suited to a younger audience than myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show has such a following because a lot of people saw it at a certain age, and their continued fandom is due to nostalgia goggles.

Because eventually the story starts to hit its arc, moving away from the self-contained episodes. It starts off interesting, even with the hilariously rushed flashback episode (that seriously reminded me of Xenogears…Anyone else get this vibe?), but it soon becomes ultra melodramatic and angst filled. It just gets overly serious and Vash’s pacifism ends up being both annoying and stupid. Then there’s all the bizarre and unexplained factors. I mean I still don’t know what the hell a ‘Plant’ was.

Meryl is the nag, Milly is ADORABLE.

The voice acting for the English dub is pretty good, Vash in particular. Meryl sounds annoying – but that kinda fits. Milly sounds sort of odd to me though. Everyone else is competent. But it’s still got that weird, disjointed quality that all anime dubs have.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Trigun, but I’m not passionate about it in any way, really. Someone did suggest I check out the manga of it. I might do that in the hopes the story will make more sense that way.


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  1. Jesus sounds awesome. I would definitely want to play that. And the controversy would probably end up reaching hilarious proportions.
    Agree pretty much completely about the DMC thing. Reboot seems to be utter shit so far >.>

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