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It's THAT good.

I stole Stephen Colbert’s line because I am not as great as him. But you know what is? Sam & Fuzzy! They don’t even have to steal Stephen Colbert jokes!

It’s hilarious, it’s got plot twists, action, Ninja Mafiosos and more! Literally everything you could want from a webcomic!

It’s long though, and getting longer every few days. The writer/artist has done two more recent jumping off points for new readers – but don’t go there. Read it from the beginning. Suffer through the rough art of the very early comics and experience all the awesomeness that you shouldn’t miss.

I told you it was that good.

I would say it’s genuinely my favourite webcomic. I’d also say it’s tragically underrated and not popular enough and if you aren’t reading it, you’re part of the problem!

Stop being part of the problem and go READ IT! (From the beginning!)


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  1. It’s a shame I don’t have the spare time for the computer that I used to. I miss reading webcomics.

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