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Toy Story 3 is probably film of the yeaOH WAIT

Memo to all mooks: Do not point firearm directly at the person you are trying to kill. Especially not at this range.

I’m surprised to see detractors of Inception trying to pick plotholes or have a go at the story, when it has such flawed, unnecessary and frankly shameless action sequences.

The cartoonish Rambo style bad guy aiming was ridiculous. From the foot-chase to the video-game-esque snow level. Whether the bad guys had handguns, automatics or even sniper rifles. Meanwhile the heroes naturally have almost perfect aim and the more bad guys there are, the easier it is to knock them out with one punch.

There was one glaringly farcical scene where a suit shoots several times with a handgun at a stationary target on a stairwell, yards apart with a clear line of sight – and every bullet misses!

Sure, the hallway sequences were breathtaking, you can’t argue about the special effects quality, or that Chistopher Nolan is good at directing action (post Batman Begins shaky-cam nonsense) and I’m fine with the movie having an action component. Some of it was clever and had a point. It’s just that so much of it was incredibly basic shooting scenes with a Chuck level of stupidity – it all hurts the internal logic and is a pretty big flaw.

(I couldn’t help but think how Freddie Wong could’ve taught them a few things about how to make ‘just shooting some guys’ a lot more interesting.)

This is my only major complaint though, it’s nevertheless a grippingly brilliant film. If you haven’t already, I fully recommend seeing it. Two thumbs up – and I’m not just saying that because Christopher Nolan told me to in a dream…



  1. You told me to watch Chuck, and it was awful. Then you compare this film to Chuck and expect me to watch it anyway? Are you crazy?

    • I compared only the stupidity of some of the action sequences to Chuck. The film is in no other way comparable to Chuck in the slightest. Cannot stress this enough.

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