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…Is fun.

That’s it. Reviewed.

Okay, I do have nitpicks:

  • Michael Cera* has an annoying voice and is very Michael Cera in it.
  • The part where that guy gets shot got waaaay too surreal.
  • There are some logical problems, especially in the funfair.
  • The romance is made out to be deeper than it should be.
  • I hate fast zombies. It defeats the point of zombie movies. (Sidenote: the original Dawn of the Dead is the best horror movie ever)
  • Michael Cera kind of beats you over the head with an obvious point at the end.

And some other things. But nitpicks are nitpicks. The film is a good ride. It’s well worth the hour and a half, it doesn’t tend to waste a second, it’s stylish and it’s funny.

Oh, and I just found out Woody Harrelson was awesome. To top it off, it turns out he’s a vegan as well.

Anyway, I’d say this brings it up to four good films for 2009.

*It’s totally the same guy. He just changed his hair and tugged his chin.



  1. I really dislike Michael Cera. I have no idea what people like so much about him. I didn’t even like him in Arrested Development. But alot of those characters were really easy to hate.

  2. THATS NOT MICHAEL CERA YOU DUMB ASS, Jesse Eisenberg, its right on the freeken cover!

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