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Can you name each anime? Then you are the enemy!

Any of these mean STOP WATCHING.

I hate mechs.

I hate school girl outfits.

I hate ridiculously huge eyed cutesy art styles.

I hate that one loud and high pitched little girl voice that is in every anime.

I hate the mandatory little girl shoehorned into the story for the lolicon factor.

I hate high school drama and anything that can be described with the word ‘harem’.

I hate minute and a half intros filled with embarrassing J-pop/rock that all sing vaguely but nonsensically about the same thing and have nothing to do with the footage which always includes equally nonsensical fight scenes.

Am I the only one?

(I have no explanation for my hatred of mechs, by the way. It’s extreme enough that I stopped watching Code Geass the second I saw a mech – which was about the second second of the show. I feel like giant robot fights should be cool, but I’ve never seen them done well. I guess it takes something out of a fight when there are two giant metal robots between the combatants. This hatred was present and unknown to me as far back as the early PS2 launch title Zone of the Enders. I desperately wanted to like that game, it had some of the best mech design I’ve ever seen – despite the all too literal cockpits, it has 3D flight, laser swords, destructible environments, it’s all amazing on paper. But somehow everything about the game repulsed me and I never got very far in it.

I think I might just be allergic.)

Left to right: Rurouni  Kenshin, Cowboy  Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist.

The only anime I've actually enjoyed

Before anyone cries “philistine”, I should say that there is some anime I like. Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist. Yes, they are guilty of some of the tropes I hate so much, and yes they all have their flaws, but I actually managed to enjoy them. They weaved a good tale, they could be funny and they had good action. (side note: I’m much more enthusiastic about the manga of FMA and Kenshin, which omit a lot of the flaws and are just downright brilliant pieces of fiction)

For all this cynicism and hatred I do want to like anime, it’s just hard. I’ve watched a lot. Too much really. So much of it is the same (the only difference between Bleach and Naruto seems to be the height of the protagonist) and so much of it just unwatchable.

But in my seemingly eternal search to find another one worth watching, I have produced a list of things I plan to watch in the order I’ll try and watch them. Since I have enough time to write a blog, I decided I should give these ago. And maybe write about them. Perhaps you too have some thoughts on them.

  • Kino’s Journey – The premise sounds really interesting. It’s apparently about a young woman simply travelling by motorbike around a strange world of strange cities and people.
  • Haibane Renmei – The bland and angelic (never a good sign) opening sequence made me not want to watch it, but it’s highly recommended. I’ve also read that I should go in with zero expectations or knowledge of it. So far, I am prepped.
  • Wolf’s Rain – I’ve been meaning to watch this for years. All I know is it involves wolves and is probably going to be sad.
  • Trigun – Another I’ve meant to watch for the longest time. The first two episodes didn’t hook me three years ago, but I could say the same for Rurouni Kenshin.
  • The Last Exile – Apparently this series completely falls apart by the end, but the early stuff has piqued my interest.

P.S. Yay, first blog entry.



  1. I didn’t like Wolf’s Rain when it aired on Adult Swim, but Trigun was one of my favourites. Read the manga, though. Significantly better. (Though the anime is admittedly good.)

    Also, give Welcome to the NHK! a try for anime. You’d want to watch the dub so the high-pitched girl trope doesn’t get to you.

    Maybe watch Darker than Black (to be fair, I’ve only seen one episode, but have heard from countless it’s great…until the second season.)

  2. Watch s-CRY-ed and Big O. and of course Neon Genesis Evangelion

  3. Watch FLCL and Samurai Champloo, ya wallflower.

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